Wellbeing Award

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘wellbeing’ is ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’.  Volunteers can help with wellbeing through giving their time and supporting people to deal with issues and problems they may be experiencing, so they feel better about their lives. The difference that such volunteers make to people’s wellbeing is clearly demonstrated by the inspirational nominees receiving recognition in this category.

This year the panel were so impressed with two nominations for this category, that they could not single out just one person to receive the Award.

Paul Maubach, Chief Operating Officer of Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group, read out the citation for this award

Joint Award Winners: Heaven’s Kitchen and Darryll Garland

Heavens Kitchen 2The person who nominated Heaven’s Kitchen said:

“Heaven’s Kitchen team consists of around 12 volunteers, most of whom have been volunteering for approximately 5 years.  Every week the team supports approximately 150 people, by providing cooked meals to homeless and vulnerable adults. In addition, practical support is given through the provision of clothes, toiletries and advice on benefits. To provide these services, the team undertake a range of fundraising activities.”


Darryll Garland 2


Darryll’s nominator said:

“Darryll partakes in numerous activities to support the social and personal development of young people.  Activities range from volunteering with Dudley Students Union, in particular supporting a disability youth group; and he also volunteers on the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and more recently, he became a volunteer with Dudley Youth Service, supporting young adults with disabilities.”

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